Lawn & Garden

Everything your garden or landscape needs can be found in our Gardening Supply Department… fertilizers, sprays, gardening and watering tools, seeds, and much more. At our Diagnostics Counter, our experts can identify mystery plants, solve insect and disease dilemmas, and answer your turf and seeding questions. We also provide extensive soil testing as well as informational brochures and handouts.

Why Start Seeds Indoors?


It’s cold outside and we are all getting a little stir crazy…Why not get a jump start on your spring garden by starting your seeds indoors? There are many reasons to do so in addition to ridding yourself of the winter blues! Few gardening pursuits are as rewarding as growing your own plants from seed…

  1. Save money.
  2. Choose from an almost endless variety.
  3. Enjoy vegetables earlier!

Getting Started…

Recipe for Seed-Starting Success: Once have everything you need to plant your seeds,
follow these easy guidelines for a successful venture in starting seeds indoors.

  Homestead Recommends
Containers Planters Pride® coco fiber pots are made from the husks of coconuts and are the better choice for those seeking biodegradable and sustainable products.
Seed Starting Mix Espoma® Organic Seed Starter is perfect for seedlings! It contains a rich blend of only the finest natural ingredients and is enhanced with Myco-tone to promote root development.
Seeds Botanical Interest, Seed Savers and Renee’s Garden provide the finest non-GMO seeds including heirloom, certified organic and open-pollinated varieties of veggies,
flowers and herbs.
Place to Grow Protect your seedlings and young plants with a beautiful hardwood greenhouse by Esschert Design!
Cover If your planting tray did not come with a clear plastic lid, we recommend covering your finished tray with plastic wrap!
Spray Bottle  Any old spray bottle will do…you just need something to mist your soil to maintain optimum moisture.
Plant Labels  Don’t forget what’s growing! We have a great selection of Burgon & Ball plant labels.

Trusted Partners

Homestead’s Lawn & Garden department partners with many proven vendors. We recommend the products we offer and even use and test them ourselves to make sure they are top quality. You will find everything you need and can be confident buying products from some of the top vendors from around the country.

Espoma Scotts® LebanonTurf Environmental Protection
Bayer™ Bonide® Corona® & More!
Lyric® Coles Wild Bird Jonathan Green